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OrionsWave is a venture capital firm which takes an active role in converting imaginative ideas into market changing solutions. Our 18 year track record, is unparalleled, considering the technologies and their initial disruptive properties and eventual adoption by the major industries we have touched.

The top VC firms in the US consider success after an "exit event", where the majority of these are performed by selling the company. Of these exit events, upwards of 95% fail after being purchased, and their technologies are never seen again. The overall long term impact is negligible. At OrionsWave, we focus on technologies we believe will become the standard and enable everyone involved, to not only make money, but also feel a core sense of pride in their accomplishments. Our expertise spans deeper and wider than top firms as we can handle massive scale projects, big data systems, but also anything from metal to GUI.

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Founder & CEO - Nils B. Lahr

Broadcast & Movies

Worked with David Caruso to help shape Hollywood’s ideas on advanced digital media applications for both broadcast and movies.


Co-founder of the Windows Media division at Microsoft; Won an Emmy award in 2005 for "Streaming Media Architecture"; Helped the largest corporations in the world move to digital media.


Co-founder of Synergy Sports Technologies, a company that owns and operates the world's first high-volume, real-time, video-indexing statistical engine and online retrieval platform; Provides services that are used by professional sports teams, broadcasters, and fortune 500 businesses around the world.


Co-founder, CTO and architect of iBEAM Broadcasting; iBEAM was the first distributed 'Edge' Internet delivery service. iBEAM raised over 400 million in funding and was responsible for 80% of all the streaming media on the Internet in 2000. In 2001, iBEAM went public and reached a market cap of just over 2 billion dollars.

Smooth Media

Our efforts on protocol development helped bring on the new era of streaming media; All major solutions on the Internet utilize a version of Smooth Media; These systems all use an early version of the our HyperMedia framework.


Helped architect the first digital studio in the world; Worked with Avid systems and Apple to create the first real-time digital editing systems; Implemented the first 15-min delayed ticker on the web and TV; Deployed and designed the publishing system used by CNN and CNNfn for managing and maintaining their public websites; Built the first ad insertion system for banners on the Internet.


Helped the Olympics, for the first time, stream their events live; In the last 5 years, Mr. Lahr has provided the US Basketball team with tools to analyze the compeditiors using video statistcs.


Built the digital streaming technologies to enable live streaming and digital archiving for James Cameron’s "Return to the Titanic" project; Implemented the end-to-end satellite systems.


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